D & J International Consulting


Guinness Storehouse, Dublin 


Review of operations,

performance benchmarking

against other brand centres and

evaluation of expansion plans for

Dublin's most popular tourist attraction.

Brandlands & Corporate Visitor Centres

VW Autostadt, Wolfsburg, Germany


Assessment of potential

attendance, demand patterns,

visitor flow and guest

management issues for VW's

showcase brand centre.

The Royal Mint, Llantrisant, UK


operational planning for a new

visitor centre at the Royal Mint

taking into account security,

access and production implications

for the world's leading export mint.

Martini Visitor Centre, Turin 


Evaluation of the impact of proposed

expansion plans on attendance levels,

revenues, operating costs and connections

with the target consumer and business

markets for Martini brands.

Guinness-storehouse Martini autostadt Royal Mint Logo