D & J International Consulting


O2 Berlin Entertainment District 


Evaluation of opportunities for

entertainment uses to complement

the O2 Arena and surrounding

mixed-ues development in the

eastern part of Berlin.

Mixed Use Development Planning

Abu Dhabi 2030


An assessment of ranges of potential future

resident and tourist populations for

Abu Dhabi and subsequent requirements

for a range of real estate uses as part of the

development of Abu Dhabi's strategic plan

to 2030.

Silvertown Quays, London


Evaluation of potential leisure

and entertainment uses that could

complement a planned brand

centre-led mixed use scheme

in London's Docklands area.

Ayla Oasis, Aqaba, Jordan


Evaluation of potential demand

for entertainment and attraction

uses within a major new resort

development in Aqaba on

Jordan's Red Sea coast.

O2 Berlin Silvertown abu dhabi 2030 ayla-marina-village-aerial-birds-eye-view-102